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Stats from Wikipedia:

Lake Cumberland impounded from the Cumberland River by the United States Army Corps of
Engineers' construction of the Wolf Creek Dam in 1952.Wolf Creek Dam is the 22nd largest dam
in the United States, and cost $15 million to construct originally, with an additional $65 million
needed almost immediately to fix problems which became soon apparent. It is estimated that the
dam has prevented more than $500 million in flood damages since its construction.

The normal summer pool is around 723 feet (220 m) above mean sea level.
The tree line is about 725 feet (221 m).
The maximum pool is 760 feet (232 m) at the top of dam floodgates
The top of Wolf Creek Dam is 773 feet (236 m).
Lake is considered at "flood control" level from 723 to 760 feet (220 to 232 m).
Normal power drawdown is between 723 and 673 feet (220 to 205 m).
At 760 feet (232 m) elevation, the shoreline of Lake Cumberland is 1,255 miles (2,020 km).
At maximum possible elevation of 760 feet (232 m), Lake Cumberland is considered to be 101
miles (163 km) long, with a total surface area of 65,530 acres (265.2 km²).
Surface area at 723 feet (220 m) is 50,250 acres (203 km²).
At minimum power pool of 673 feet (205 m), the surface area is 35,820 acres (145.0 km²).
Average depth of lake at summer pool of 723 feet (220 m) above sea level: 90 feet (27 m)
Deepest point in lake: original river channel adjacent to Wolf Creek Dam: 200 feet (60 m)
Depth of river channel upstream of dam to Wolf Creek: generally 160 feet (50 m)
Depth of river channel upstream of Wolf Creek to one mile (2 km) upstream of Burnside:
generally 120 feet (37 m)
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